Saturday, October 08, 2016

Watchers in Death

I'll come right out and say it...I never really cared much for the Deathwatch Space Marines.

A quick D&D side project

A few former colleagues from when I was at Blizzard Entertainment have a regular Dungeons & Dragons group. Whenever they start up a new campaign, I'll inevitably get requests for painted models which I'm always happy to do.  Here is one of the main characters I completed. She requested magical runes on the book pages, purple fire and glowing blue eyes.  It's probably one of my favorite models I've ever painted as I felt the book and face came out particularly well.  I learned a lot about glazes and blending while trying to make the eye glow look more radiating and less like blue splotches.

Just a few more completed Horus Heresy characters

Been doing a few commissions for a friend of mine.  When I say a few, he has commissioned me to paint one of each of the Horus Heresy Character Series models.  It's been a rather daunting task but has been thoroughly enjoyable.

Here are a few more of the recently completed characters:

Emperor's Children - Lord Commander Eidolon

Night Lords - 1st Captain Sevatar

Iron Hands - Primarch Ferrus Manus

Knights Errant - Nathaniel Garro

Bonus models:

Completed a set of Sons of Horus Reavers to accompany the Horus Lupercal model I'm working on