Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pre-shading with an airbrush

One of the things I utterly hate doing is shading on vehicles.  There are so many recesses that manually shading them is what really makes me hate painting them.  I came across this video and it really appealed to me as it makes shading so much more convenient:

I applied this to my Stormraven in the following steps:

1. Primed the model black using GW's Chaos Black primer (I find this primer to be the best spray primer for matte black.  I like P3's spray nozzle, but GW's formula works best for me) then  I airbrushed Vallejo Grey Primer, covering it completely.

2. Using a mix of GW Fortress Grey and isopropyl alcohol (50/50) I airbrushed just the raised areas.
3. Going back to re-touch up the recessess, I mixed 50/50 Chaos Black and Fortress Grey then mixed in isopropyl alcohol to airbrush the recesses.

4. Then spray Blood Red over the entire model in thin layers so that the shading underneath was still apparent.

The overall effect was astonishing.  I wish that the effect was more apparent on the last photo. Apologies for it not coming out clearer.

Iwata Eclipse CS airbrush
Badger compressor (model unknown)

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