Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vulkan, Primarch of the XVIII Legion Salamanders

Finally finished Primarch Vulkan, possibly one of the coolest models of the Heresy line. 

I had requested the formula for the model from Forge World and they were kind enough to provide them to me.  


  1. Spray black with Chaos Black
  2. The model was first pre shaded with an Airbrush. This was done using Tamiya German Grey, Tamiya Dark Grey and finally Tamiya Sky Grey
  3. This was followed up by painting the pattern lines onto the armor with a fine brush using Mechanicus Standard Grey.
  4. Highlights were added to the pattern on the naturally light parts of the armor using Dawnstone, followed by Administratum Grey.
  5. This was finished up with thin highlights of Ulthuan Grey and spot highlights of White Scars White.
  6. All edges highlighted with line highlights of White Scars White
  7. Finally to add the green tone the whole model was airbrushed with several thin layers of Tamiya Clear Green.


  1. Re-base coat the head with Chaos Black. It’s probably best to paint this separately from the body.
  2. Airbrush a zenith highlight of Tamiya Flat Black mixed with Tamiya German Grey onto the head.
  3. Follow this by airbrushing highlights of Tamiya German Grey and a mix of German Grey and Sky Grey.
  4. Then with a brush add highlights to the most exposed area of the flesh with Dawnstone followed by Administratrum Grey
  5. Next it’s time to reset the skin tones to a darker color. Use Nuln Oil (or another black wash), highly thinned down with gloss varnish medium. Apply this over the whole face using several thin layers of this to tone the skin back down to black.
  6. The last steps are to add interesting tones to the face. Purple glazes were added to the shaded areas using thinned Druchii Violet. Then exceptionally thinned Lamenters Yellow across the raised areas.
  7. The face was finished by going over the whole head with thinned down Ogryn Flesh.


  1. Khorne Red
  2. Evil Sunz Scarlet
  3. Tau Light Ochre


  1. The base coat for this was Nurgling Green followed by a few successive highlights of this colour plus Ushabti Bone, adding more Ushabti Bone each time with a final highlight of Ushabti Bone.
  2. Every scale had eight to ten tiny dots of Dryad Bark added to it followed by four to five tiny dots of black towards the top of each scale. Then a thinned down wash of Athonian Camo Shade was added to the whole cloak area.
  3. Next use several thin glazes of Druchii Violet in the reassesses and edges of the scales followed by several further layers of Athonian Camo Shade.

Bone Areas

The bone areas such as the skull and the teeth were painted with a base coat of Baneblade Brown which was highlighted with Karak Stone through to White Scar.

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