Monday, December 05, 2011

New toys

I'm a sucker for limited edition items. Luckily I didn't need to shell out the $50 pricetag for this one as it was a gift. Games Workshop released a brush set commemorating the elite 'Eavy Metal painting team. The set comes with a brushed aluminum case that can hold up to six brushes, two kolinsky sable brushes with the 'Eavy Metal logo, and two pots of matte mixing medium.

Being ignorant in all things art related, I looked up kolinsky sable brushes and found them to be made from the tail hairs of the kolinsky (a species of weasel) rather than from actual sable. Apparently some of the finest brushes are made from kolinsky. Good kolinsky brushes can be upwards of $300. The GW brushes are definitely better than their normal rank-and-file brushes but probably nowhere near the $50 price they're asking for the entire kit.

The pot of gold is definitely in the two pots of mixing medium that comes with the set. They make for good glazes and seem to be really great for use as a blending medium. I really hope they eventually release this product for regular sale.

How does the product stack up? Well, after just dipping the kolinsky brush into the pot I found I could instantly paint NMM like Darren Latham and Joe Tomaszewski, flesh like Anja Wettergren, and vibrant colors like Neil Green all just by using the matte medium. This stuff is pure magic.

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