Monday, February 06, 2012

My attempt at freehand

I cannot draw.  I've tried for years.  I even took an art class in high school to see if a structured foundation would nurture any latent (and clearly absent) talent.  While I did gain some basic skill in drawing freehand, the ability to draw anything impressive was beyond my grasp.  Clearly girlfriends don't like being drawn as stick figures.

So when I was painting my friend's Raven Guard Chaplain, I thought I'd be able to just use a transfer decal sheet for it.  But no, apparently it's the only chapter that GW doesn't make decals for unless you buy the bajillion dollar Forge World decal sheet. I tried printing my own decals using decal printing paper but the decal paper came out horrible and wouldn't adhere to the model.

So I thought I'd paint my own, freehand.

This is the logo I was trying to re-create:

I guess it came out halfway decent.

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