Monday, March 05, 2012

'Eavy Metal style of Blood Angels

My normal method of painting red on my Blood Angels has been pretty formulaic.  If I need quick results, I'll use Army Painter's Pure Red, then shade with Devlan Mud then highlight with Blazing Orange then Vomit Brown.  If I wanted quality results, I'll prime black, then gradually layer Blood Red. I'll then drench it in Devlan Mud then gradually build up Blood Red layers followed by Blazing Orange, Vomit Brown, then re-adjust the hue with watered down Baal Red.

I wanted to try some 'Eavy Metal style of painting so I used Anja Wettergren's method of painting Blood Angels Terminators from the October 2009 issue of White Dwarf feature the 3rd edition of Space Hulk.  I improvised a little more and added a couple extra steps (steps 10 and 11 were not in the original tutorial).

1. Primed black
2. Base coated 1:1 Dark Flesh/Blood Red
3. 2:1:1 Chaos black/Dark Flesh/Blood Red watered down and added to the recesses
4. 3:1 Blood Red/Dark Flesh layered on to the armor, avoided the shaded areas
5. Pure Blood Red was then layered into the much more prominent areas of the armor
6. Pure Blazing Orange used as a highlight to the armor panels
7. 2:1 Blazing Orange/Vomit Brown was used for edging/extreme highlighting
8. Watered down Baal Red wash was used to re-center the layers and tone down the gradients
9. 2:1 Blazing Orange/Vomit Brown was then re-applied to the highlighting in a thinner edge.
10. This resulted in a very dark red model so I then mixed 4:1 GW Matte Medium/Blood Red and applied it as a glaze to brighten it up.
11.  From there I reapplied Blazing Orange from Step 6 and then the edging highlight from Step 7.

The result is an absolutely gorgeous model.  I don't dare say I can even come close to Anja's quality of painting, but following in her footsteps at least gives me an idea the lengths these artists go to in order to paint obscenely beautiful minis.

Apologies for the poor quality image as I took the photo at my desk at work.  Will provide a better one later.

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