Thursday, March 08, 2012

Finished Blood Angels Assault Terminator

Finally finished my Assault Terminator.  This was perhaps the most technically complicated/advanced painting technique I've ever employed and I'm incredibly happy with the results.  The red alone was an eleven-step process.  The Crux Terminatus on his left shoulder was an 9 step process.  Even the gold trimming on the shield, hammer, belt, and wrists were a four-step process.  While the quality comes nowhere near the 'Eavy Metal level, it was interesting to follow in one of their painter's footsteps and use their techniques.

The only thing I’m disappointed in is the gloss factor in the photos.  I used a brush on matte coating and it came out a little glossy and not sure why when in-person it’s actually pretty matte.

There's no way in hell I'd use this for every single mini, otherwise it would take me months just to paint a single squad. As it is, I've spent close to 60 hours on this guy.

For the red armor:
1. Primed black
2. Base coated 1:1 Dark Flesh/Blood Red
3. 2:1:1 Chaos black/Dark Flesh/Blood Red watered down and added to the recesses
4. 3:1 Blood Red/Dark Flesh layered on to the armor, avoided the shaded areas
5. Pure Blood Red was then layered into the much more prominent areas of the armor
6. Pure Blazing Orange used as a highlight to the armor panels
7. 2:1 Blazing Orange/Vomit Brown was used for edging/extreme highlighting
8. Watered down Baal Red wash was used to re-center the layers and tone down the gradients
9. 2:1 Blazing Orange/Vomit Brown was then re-applied to the highlighting in a thinner edge.
10. This resulted in a very dark red model so I then mixed 4:1 'Eavy Metal Matte Medium/Blood Red and applied it as a glaze to brighten it up.
11. Blending again 2:1 Blazing Orange/Vomit brown

For the Crux Terminatus:
1. Primed black
2. 1:1 Chaos Black/Scorched Brown leaving the recesses black.
3. Wash of 1:1:1 Scorched Brown/Chaos Black/Badab Black liberally applied.
4. Codex Grey layered on over the raised areas.
5. Fortress Grey then used as a midtone.
6. Highlights with Deneb Stone.
7. Highlights with 2:1 Deneb Stone/Skull White.
8. Highlights with 1:1 Deneb Stone/Skull White.
9. Edging with pure Skull white.

For the gold parts:
1. 1:1 Scorched Brown/Shining Gold.
2. Washed with 1:1 Scorched Brown/Chaos Black.
3. Layered on Shining Gold to the raised surfaces.
4. Layered Burnished Gold on to the highlights.

5. Mithril Silver was used sparingly just on the most prominent parts.

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