Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Completed Tartaros Terminators

Finally completed my first squad of Tartaros Terminators.  Building these was a love/hate relationship with the models.  I utterly love the models, but the resin that Forge World used for these, at first impression, felt like they were a similar blend to that of the Finecast resin.  Given that Finecast is a GW trademark, it's understandable why Forge World states they do not use Finecast for their models.

When I first received them, due to the popularity of the models (and the Stormeagle I purchased) the order took about 3 weeks to arrive.  upon arrival, I set to working on them right away, but I was disappointed in that the quality I normally came to expect from Forge World was woefully absent.  The torsos were off-centered, as if the mold had shifted, there were air bubbles in the helmets and the mold lines were super abundant.  Furthermore, due to the molding process, there was a ton of flash to clean off.  But I needed to get these completed for my Armies on Parade diorama which is to be a Crusade-era Blood Angels display; so every Heresy-era model was needed.

I had to liberally use a lot of Greenstuff to patch up some of the problems.  For example, the front facing disc on the shoulder guards were missing on 3 of the shoulders.  So I had to make some out of Greenstuff.  It worked in the interim, but I felt it was not the workmanship I had paid for.

I had contacted Forge World after waiting 2 1/2 weeks for an email reply as it was obvious they were so incredibly impacted that it was simply better to call.  I had spoken to an individual named Simon who was incredibly helpful.  He apologized for the delay in replying to my email and would take care of the problem immediately.  It is also worth noting that I had a Mk IV Apothecary that had a mis-cast apron that needed to be replaced.

During this time, I did my best to paint the current Tartaros Terminators I had on hand, but if you note the shoulders you can see where there are a lot of air bubbles and mold lines.

However, the light at the end was that Forge World has changed the kind of resin they make their Tartaros Terminators with and the replacement kit they sent me is simply and utterly flawless.  It blew me away how amazing the replacements are.  After Armies on Parade is done with, I plan on taking my time and painting them very very slowly.  These Terminators are definitely not my best work.

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