Monday, July 02, 2012

Armies on Parade

After toiling for about 2 months and not sleeping Friday night due to the pending Saturday 4pm deadline, looks like all that work paid off.  I won the Mission Viejo Games Workshop Armies on Parade display competition with my Blood Angels Crusade-era display board.

Blood Angels leaving Baal to embark on the Great Crusade and enlighten the Imperium of Man.

Ok so the Stormtalon doesn't exactly fit Crusade era chronology but it's a cool looking model.

Contemptor and Relic Contemptor.  Definitely Crusade era.

Baal is a rad-wasteland.  What wasteland would be complete without a little toxic runoff.

Toxic drain pipe.

Terminator Librarian leading a squad of Tartaros and Cataphractii Terminators

Big man on a big tank with a tiny gun.

Blood Angels led by Azkaellon, Herald of Sanguinius wielding the Spear of Telesto.

Blood Angels Fellblade

Tartaros and Cataphractii Terminators disembarking from a Stormraven

Mark II "Crusade" pattern power armor Assault Marines accompanied by an Assault Sanguinary Priest

Blood Angels Caestus

Mk II "Crusade" and Mk IV "Maximus" Tactical Marines

Land Raider Redeemer

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