Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zadkiel, Blood Angels Librarian

I had some extra bits laying around and had the sudden urge to do some kit-bashing.  I'm in the middle of reading the Horus Heresy novel Fear to Tread, and reading about the Blood Angels always makes me want to use a Psyker model in my army.

So I present my 3rd Company Librarian, Zadkiel, Sage of the Bloody Sky.

He's composed entirely of extra parts but in the end came out looking super cool.

Head - Dark Angels upgrade kit
Torso, legs, and Staff - Grey Knights
Infernus pistol and left shoulder pad - Death Company kit
Jump pack - Assault marines pack
Right shoulder pad - Chapter House Studios aftermarket pad

Base coated with Kantor Blue
Then entirely washed with Drakkenhoff Nightshade
1st Layer - Kantor Blue + Altdorf Guard Blue 50/50
2nd Layer - Altdorf Guard blue
3rd Layer - Altdorf Guard blue + Space Wolf Grey 50/50
4th Layer - Space WOlf Grey
Glaze - Guilleman Blue (about 4 times)

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