Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Beautiful Blasphemer

World Eaters Felblade

Those who know me know I'm a massive Horus Heresy nerd.  I love historical fluff in a game, and the 40K universe is possibly one of my favorite scifi worlds ever.  The requirements I have for an awesome scifi universe are lost colonies of humanity, faster than light travel, genetically engineered humans combined with cybernetic augmentation, psychic powers, and a sense of loss and awe when finding lost treasure troves of humanity's heritage.
World Eaters Jetbike
The 40K lore covers all of those and then some.  The Horus Heresy series of novels shines light on an age of myth.  In the 40K timeline, the 'Warhammer 30K' universe took place 10,000 years prior so many of the tales of when the Emperor walked amongst humanity, when the Primarchs fought side by side with their legions, and when the human race stood on the brink of realizing its dream of galactic conquest.  But these events took place such a long time ago that the account of these stories are either lost to the annals of time or have been so blown out of proportion due to the handing down of story from one generation to the next.

Spartan Assault Tank with a Demolisher Cannon?
I've been hoping for some official Heresy-era support from GW for the past 3 years I've been involved in the hobby and it looks like those wishes have come true.  Forge World has finally shown some details about the Horus Heresy expansion they've been working on in secret for the past year.

I just might as well admit to myself that I'll be eating instant noodles for a long time.

Glorious and Beautiful Cataphractii Terminators!  

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